Wednesday, September 14, 2011

International Parental Child Abduction: The Hague convention – Proved Useless

Only 3-5% of children abducted Internationally are returned by the Hague Convention.
All over the world the parents left behind spend all their financial resources and time fighting and hoping for justice. They are also misled by the promises and beliefs that the international conventions will help them recover their children. – The parents spend weeks, months and years – hoping that justice will prevail. Only 3 out of 10 children are ever returned from Hague and non Hague countries.
The Hague Convention is too full of traps and loopholes to be effective. Even if a parent wins a Hague battle, there are no guarantees that the child will be returned. Many countries protect their own – no matter what.
How to recover your child:
-Find a experienced lawyer, with knowledge about IPCA
-Report the abduction to the Police, and make sure that the police informs Interpol.
-Gain main custody in your home country
-Try to have a “grown up” dialogue with your ex spouse. This can sometimes lead to a peaceful solution.
-If this is not enough –  Send someone to recover your child as soon as possible, as days and weeks easily turn into years.
-After a while you can risk that your child don`t even speak your language anymore.
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